Employment-Based (EB) Green Card Overview

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Immigration through Employment 

One of the ways a foreign national (alien) can become a permanent resident is through a permanent employment opportunity in the United States. There are five employment-based preference categories.

  • First preference is for priority workers including persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational organization executives and managers.
  • The Second preference is for physicians, members of the professions holding advanced degrees, and persons of exceptional ability.
  • The Third preference is for professionals, skilled and other workers, including nurses and physical therapists.
  • The Fourth preference provides for special immigrants including religious workers.
  • The Fifth preference is an investor-related category, which grants permanent residency to persons who invest significant funds in the US and create 10 jobs for US workers. 

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I am in the US on an H1B with an approved I140 and an I485 pending for more than 6 months (EB2). I just got laid off. If I get my green card during the 2-month H1B grace period, can I stay in the US? If I don't, what are my options? Thanks.

Josh, you may want to post this in one of our free community conference calls every other Thursday and then attend the call.

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I am peter, UK citizen on work visa. I had a bank loan of about 40,000 pounds in UK, which I didn't return.
I am working in US now and my company sponsoring green card for me.

My question is: During background and security check for green card, will this loan effect my GC? Does the GC background and security check process includes financial unpaid loans?

Please reply