Employment-Based (EB) Green Card Overview

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Immigration through Employment 

One of the ways a foreign national (alien) can become a permanent resident is through a permanent employment opportunity in the United States. There are five employment-based preference categories.

  • First preference is for priority workers including persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational organization executives and managers.
  • The Second preference is for physicians, members of the professions holding advanced degrees, and persons of exceptional ability.
  • The Third preference is for professionals, skilled and other workers, including nurses and physical therapists.
  • The Fourth preference provides for special immigrants including religious workers.
  • The Fifth preference is an investor-related category, which grants permanent residency to persons who invest significant funds in the US and create 10 jobs for US workers. 

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I got RFE in my I-485 application regarding the medical exam and Supplement J form.
I have applied my GC in EB2 category in Dec 2009 with Company-A. Company-A had mention SOC Code: 15-1051 which has job title 'Senior programmer analysts' in labor. The SOC 15-1051 is no longer available now as USCIS provide new SOC code 15-1121 which similar consideration with 15-1051. I have worked with Company-A around 9 years and changed the company-B two years ago. Both the company -A and Company-B are desi consulting companies.

I got RFE in my I-485 application now. Company-B's lawyer prepare supplement J form with different SOC code 15-1132 which has the title "Software developer". Company-B’s lawyer mentions my duties similar to my previous employer but he did not ready to filled supplement J form with SOC code 15-1121. Lawyer said my previous employer duties are match with SOC 15-1132 instead of 15-1121 and same code(15-1132) he is used in my H1b petition now.

My previous employer mention my wages $106K/year in labor and my current employer mentions my wages $140k/year.

1. Will it create any issue to get GC if we response RFE with supplement J which has different SOC code but similar duties

2. Will it create any issue to get GC if we mention wages 140K/year which is different than my previous employer wages $105/year

I will be appreciate if you can update me on this