H-4 Visa Spouse & Children

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Family members of the H-1B foreign worker are admitted to the United States in the H-4 category. Qualifying family members include only the spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old. H-4 dependents are admitted for the same period of time for which the H-1B foreign worker is admitted. H-4 dependents may alternatively be admitted in other nonimmigrant categories for which they qualify. H-4 dependents may undertake studies while remaining in the H-4 category, however, they may not engage in any form of employment.

Nonimmigrant Visas: 


My h4 visa is expired on 20 nov 2014 I filed my case in august 2014 for extension my case is filled but not extended till now. I want to know for how long can i stay in US.


I am an Indian national currently having H1b visa , I recently got married in India and want to file h4 visa for my wife, but the problem is that my wife is having srilankan nationality and she is now living with my family in india after marriage, can she file her visa from India ? or she needs to go back to her native country to apply for h4? she is living in India for past 3 months, is there any rule which says that she can not file her visa from the primary applicant's home country?

My husband is currently in Washington DC on H1B status. He has plans to change his employer. Me and my child already have H4 visas with current employer but we are still in our home country and planning to come to US in the first week of June. My query is do I need to go for stamping again, if he changes his employer before our entry into US. Please give your suggestions.

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Sowmya, you do not need to go for stamping again, as long as there is no interruption in your husband's status.

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Hi , I have plans to go and study in USA with my actual husband and two children and now my ex-husband (one of the children is form my previous marrige with my ex) is asking for a H1 visa and is including my child, which I have custody, in his paper work for the H1. How does that affect me. Is it going to create problems for me. Does my child have to go and live with him, or it does not matter and I can go on and take the child with me as we have plan. My ex new about my plans and is willing to authorize it but I do not know if his new plans can affect my child and me. Can you clarify this issue.

Thank you

Luisa, as to who has custody over the child, is an issue of the law of your country primarily. I cannot comment about that. But if your child enters the USA on an H-4, I do not think that should have a large impact on your chances of getting a student visa. Difficult to say for sure.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Once you have created new profile, it asks for basic information such as Type of visa, location, language and basic details such as name, dob, petitioner and validity. The next page is add dependents there you can add the child , check this link once you are logged in.
A pop up opens where you can enter child s full name, passport number, DS-160, phone etc. This is the option i tried and itS NOT workING for me. Pls HELP

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I am Indian citizen holding B1/B2 visa and travel frequently to US for work. I intend to get married to a person holding a US H1B visa. Please advise if we should marry in India or US? And what visa status after marriage will allow me to work and do business there in US after that?