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Please scroll down and click on the required visa/green card for fee details. These fees represent our typical anticipated charges for commonly requested services.  

Nonimmigrant Visas 

B-1/B-2 K-1 Visa
E-1/E-2 K-3 Visa
E-3 Visa L-1A Visa
H-1 Petition L-1B Visa
H-2B Blanket L-1
H-3 Visa L-2 Visa
H-4 Visa, H-4 EAD O Visa
Compliance Audits for H-1 P Visa
J-1 Visa Waiver (Conrad State 30, Extreme Hardship, No Objection) R Visa
J-1 Visa Waiver Transfer TN Visa


Green Card (Immigrant Visa)

These fees represent our typical anticipated charges for commonly requested Green Card services.

Note: Filing Fees have increased as of Dec 23, 2016.

Note: The filing fee of $1225 includes fee for applications I-485, I-765, and I-131, and fingerprinting irrespective of whether I-765 and I-131 applications are submitted along with I-485.

EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Outstanding Researcher/Professor or International Managers Services and Fees Spouse of US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents
EB-2/EB-3 PERM Services and Fees Chidren of Citizens
EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Non-Physicians Services and Fees Parents of Citizens
EB-2 Physicians (NIW) Services and Fees  
EB-2 (Schedule A) Exceptional Ability/Advanced Degree Services and Fees  
EB-3 (Schedule A) Nurses Services and Fees  
EB-3 (Schedule A) Physical Therapists Services and Fees  
EB-4 Religious Workers Services and Fees  
EB-5 Investment Green Card Services and Fees  


US Citizenship Services and Fees

Premature Termination Fee Schedule


Non-Routine Services

  • Our office routinely represents employers in investigations conducted by USCIS, US Department of Labor and other agencies. Note that these fees represent our typical anticipated charges for non-routine services.  Please contact us for fee information if you would like assistance in any such matter.

  • Compliance Audits for H-1 - $500 per file - minimum 10 files.  If you scan and send us ten of your H-1 files, we can audit them and tell you how they should be corrected/improved. You can then implement the improved procedures for all cases.

    DOJ/ ICE investigations - $5,000

    Note: For audits and investigations, please make a 15-minute appointment to assess your case.

We take pride in our ability to provide value-based billing. Much of our work is done on a flat fee basis. In some cases, we are retained on hourly basis. Our firm is unique in our knowledge of several key areas of legal practice including: immigration laws with special focus on business/professional immigration and complex immigration issues, private international law, business law and complex litigation. Our current hourly charge are as follows:

Rajiv S. Khanna: $660 - 880/hour
Attorneys: $320/hour
Supervisory Paralegals: $220/hour
Paralegals and Case Managers: $75/hour     

Free Community Conference Calls

Rajiv hosts a Free Community Conference Call every other Thursday at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time to answer immigration-related questions.  Everyone is welcome to call in and ask questions or just listen live or listen to the recording for the call posted at the end of the day.  Click here for more information.


Hello , My N400 is denied since I received my green card as a dependent of my husband before his green card was approved. I got my green card 6 months before he got his green card even though he was the primary applicant. We were married for 8+ yrs in total and 2.5 yrs after getting the green card. The IO said it was a mistake on the part of USCIS and not my fault but as per the law I cannot apply for my citizenship again unless I get a new GC or apply from a different district where such cases have been approved for citizenship. He also said such cases happened before and that it is 1 in 100k plus cases something like this happens. He was helpful and said he made sure that my green card will not have any issues in case I apply for renewal and that it will be valid. he also said that a good immigration attorney will be able to help me with my case and if I have the time, will and money I should be able to get my citizenship someday. I am waiting to receive my denial letter in the mail. I met my IO via info pass appointment 6 months after I passed my citizenship interview.

Please advice , how I can apply for my citizenship again?

Please send us the denial letter once you receive it. We can set up a consultation to review your options, Kiran ji.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.


I got H1B through an employer A in US while I was working for an employer B in India. I have changed my job in India and joined employer C. Now, employer C is in the process of transferring my H1 to C. As transfer is taking time, my employer C want me to apply for B1 visa for a client meeting/conference.

Would like your advice if I can go ahead with B1 while my H1 transfer is in process without impacting the prospect of H1 transfer?

Thanks in advance..

Naveen D Souza

Naveen ji, this is difficult to comment on without a detailed discussion. In theory, there is nothing wrong with B-1 visit while H-1 is in process. But there are just too many variables.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Hello Mr. Khanna,
I am a US citizen and would like to file I-130 for my siblings (1 married and 1 unmarried) in the sibling category. After their applications have been filed -
1. Will they be able to apply for residency and/or citizenship for other countries (i.e New Zealand, Canada) without jeopardizing the pending US residency application?
2. If the answer to question 1 is Yes, once they obtain residency and/or citizenship of another country, will their US residency application still continue or will it get cancelled or will it need to be updated to reflect their changed residency/nationality status?
3. Can they enter the US on a visitor's visa while their US residency application is pending? What proof will they need to provide border agents that they only intend to visit for a short duration on the visitor's visa and not overstay their visit?
I would really appreciate your help with these questions.

US laws do not restrict multiple residency filings. Nor does a pending green card application get "disturbed" by multiple country filings. SOme updates to pending US application may be needed, but they are minor. Whether or not green card beneficiaries can enter the USA while their green card application is pending is not possible to predict. See our FAQ for a more detailed discussion.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Hello. greetings from Venezuela.I have a question about a derived citizenship that maybe you could answer me. My grandfather was born in West Indies in 1890 and fought in the WWI. He got the American citizenship on 1921. Actually I´m 48 years old (Venezuelan citizen), married and I have a 15 years old son. My father (dead) was a Venezuelan citizen too (1944 -2008) he didn´t claim the American citizenship. Is it possible for me to obtain the American citizenship on my grandparent´s behalf?
I have another question. As I wrote, my grandparent was a WWI veteran. Isn´t it an exemption to the rule of requirement time because of it? On the other hand my son is a 15 years old. Could he get the “acquired citizenship" on his great grandfather´s behalf?

Thanks again.

I have not looked into this issue for a few years. Try the USCIS web site. Sorry.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

I am on H1B since 2013. My wife and son came to US in Jan 2014 in H4. I applied for H1B to my wife through an other employer (consultancy) which got approved in 01/21/2017. Until today ( 03/14/17) my wife still did not find any project due to which her pay cycle is not generated yet. Need clarification to the below.

1. How long can she look out for the project without any pay stub getting generated? i.e. when will she go out of Status?

2. How long can she be in Out of Status condition?

3. If i have to convert her back to H4, can i do that by myself or should i convert it only by my employer?

4. When i convert her visa from H1 to H4 , should her H4 petition be approved in US before she goes to India for Stamping ?

You must speak with a lawyer. Feel free to post your questions for the next free community conference call. We do one every other week.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

I am a physician currently doing J1 visa waiver in northeast. My husband who is a citizen matched into fellowship in the eastcoast. I really want to transfer to where he is. Have you successfully filed J1 visa transfer before?

Yes, we have filed and obtained J-1 waiver transfers. But, no two cases are the same. Generally speaking, the reasons for the transfer need to be more than a simple desire to be with spouse.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Hi Mr Rajiv,

I have a peculiar situation and need your input.
My PERM was filed on July 5, 2016. (Approved Sept 30,2016)
I-140 was filed on Dec 5, 2016. RFE Issued Dec 9,2016.
My 6 yr cap completes on Jan 26, 2017. (includes recaptured time).
I-140 was denied on March 5, 2017. (We filed an appeal for this).
The 1 yr extension was applied in Jan 24,2017 and got APPROVED March 24, 2017. (The employer did not use an attorney for all of this process).
I used an attorney to file the appeal. The attorney told me the approval for 1 yr extension is not valid since it is not yet 365 days since the PERM was filed according to AC21. They said the approval is a USCIS error but it is better I leave and come back after July 5th 2017 with consular processing.

Is this the right suggestion? I am planning to leave the end of the month and I want to make sure this is the right thing.

Thank you.

Assuming 365 days were not completed, the approval is indeed an error. I would have you contact the USCIS and ask them what they want you to do. Keep contemporaneous notes of what they said, the date, the time and whom you spoke with.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Dear Rajiv Sir

My H1b extension was filed in Oct 2016 and I received an RFE on 22 May 2017. My current H1b is valid till 2017 AUG with valid I 94. this is second year in H1 B. My current SoW is valid only till 30 June 2017 and i was awaiting for renewed SoW with extended date to submit the documents to USCIS for the RFE. however my manager just informed me that my assignment with the client will end on June 30 2017 and they will not extend my SoW. Now at this point in time when my RFE is pending and no new SoW to be expected and no client Letter, I am worried what could be done.
1) If i submit the documents with JD, SOW till 30 June and MSA - what are the chances of approval ( as the extension to my visa needed is post Aug 2017)
2) if i find a new Employer to transfer my H1B, is it ok to go ahead with the process with my RFE on current extension? will any employer take the chance of transferring? any consequences?
3) If i consider changing my H1b to F1 visa with Day 1 CPT, can this be possible? any consequences?

My employer gave me a date of June 30. Request your valuable advice here .

Thanks a lot!
An V

None of these questions can be answered with simple one-liner. These will need discussion. Three options: discuss with your lawyers; post for one of free community conference calls (every other Thursday); or contact us for a consultation: http://www.immigration.com/contact

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Hello Sir,

I need to change my employer ,I'm on EAD-OPT,It's a consultancy firm ,they sign me a contract for a year and telling me if you going to break you need to pay $9000 or they may take legal action.Could you please tell me what should I do ?Is contract valid in USA like this?Please reply me ASAP.


This is a matter of State law. Contracts are not federal subject. You will need to contact a local lawyer.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.