Processing Times and Status Checks

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Processing Times for immigration matters vary widely.  The U.S. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of State provide a number of resources available to check on the status of your application.  Click on the appropriate application category to the left to check on average wait times for cases of your type and, for some categories, the status of your individual application.  We also provide resources to check what office you should use to file certain applications and processing times for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests.  You may wish to check back regularly, as these processing times can change.

Immigration Law : 


I'm planning to apply for Green card for my sister and her family i.e. husband and her 7 year old daughter.
My husband is a citizen here since year 2009 and I recently became citizen of The USA. Before we apply for the green Card, we had a few questions or rather concerns that we wanted to ask and have a clarity on. We both are working and meet the 125% criteria income vise.

1.Green Card for Sibling- Can we apply for a green card for my sister and her family(husband n 7yr old daughter) if they visit USA on B1/B2 Visa. My sister has travelled here once for 5 weeks as intended few months back. She liked it here and would want to come and work here.

2. EAD- Can we apply for the work permit for my sister and her husband while applying for the Green card. How can we take this forward and how much time does it take.Are there any challenges we might come across?

3. We are aware that Green Card for Sibling takes maximum of 10 years time frame before any decision is made. Is there any process or rule or problem we might face during interim that we should be aware about.



Hi Mr Rajiv,

This is Rani want to know that my sister is in US with L-1B visa and it is going to expire on Nov-2017 . But I have already filed petition for her three year ago.I want to know that is she eligible to stay in USA and what is the next procedure to do so that she can stay here?
Please reply as soon as possible.