Travel During H-1B Amendment and Using Old Employer's Visa Stamp

I had to travel to INDIA because of my Father's serious health condition on FMLA. Currently my H1-B amendment is in process, so I am looking for my options to travel back to US. Below are complete details.
I have moved to my current employer in April 2019 and I have approved H1-B for 3years.
Now because I am changing client and location, they have filed amendment and it is currently under process.
I don't have STAMPING with my current employer but I have STAMPING with my previous employer until end of 2019.
During Job change from my previous employer I have applied for H4 and also change of employer. Both got approved and I revoked my H4 application.

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Travel during H-1B amendment and using

old employer's visa stamp

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You can travel out while your H-1B amendment is pending and you should be able to use the visa of the old employer. FAQ in detail....



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