What can you do at Immigration.Com?

Immigration.com, the corporate website of the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC, is devoted to providing in-depth information about U.S. immigration and related laws and links to the immigration laws of the U.S. and other selected countries.  We are the oldest (established 1993) and the largest portal on immigration laws.

Immigration.com is, first and foremost, a source of immigration-related information and a community website.  Please let us know how we are doing and what else you suggest we do to help serve the immigrant community better.

There are many features on this website that we would like to point out to you:

If you are new to immigration law, you can find information by clicking on the function-based Menus on the top, and you can watch a short Screen Cast for new users.

If you are an expert-level user, you can find information by clicking on the Jump Menu on the right-hand panel of the Home Page or the comprehensive menu at the bottom, and you can watch a short Screen Cast for expert users.

You can use our powerful Search  engine to find information on the site and watch a video on how to used Advanced Search.

You can read Client Comments from the last 13 years.

You can read about some remarkable Sample Cases from our office.

You can join Community Forums in which people discuss their immigration-related problems.

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers.

You can review Processing Times and Status Checks to check the status of pending cases and the average time it takes to process a case.

You can read Community Stories in which members of the community describe their experiences with immigration.

You can view entries from Rajiv's Blog about the latest developments in immigration law and answering your questions.

You can participate in Community Conference Calls during which Rajiv answers questions from you, our community.

You can download recordings from previous Community Conference Calls.

You can watch our Podcasts and Videos about immigration-related subjects and read the transcripts of the videos.

You can learn more About Us.

You can review Our Fees.

You can connect with Rajiv on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn.

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

You can watch Rajiv's video on C-SPAN.

You can Contact Us for any purpose, including an inquiry or formal consultation.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve.

With best wishes from:

All of us at The Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC

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