National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS)

National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) (Port of Entry Registration and Departure Registration Requirements)

Currently, certain nonimmigrant alien visitors from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are subject to National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), also known as Special Registration, at the port of entry upon arrival to the United States.  Also, nonimmigrant aliens from any country may be registered if they are determined to meet criteria established by the secretary of Homeland Security, if they are referred by a Department of State consular officer, or if the inspecting officer believes the alien should be registered in the interest of law enforcement or national security. 

Most NSEERS registered aliens are ALSO required to register their departure at a designated port.  Failure to comply with any NSEERS requirement causes the alien to violate his or her nonimmigrant status.  At the minimum, for non-immigrants with pending Green Card Cases, I-485 Requests for Evidence can be issued where applicants would have to show good cause for why they were not in compliance with NSEERS. In such circumstances, I-485s can be denied where willful failure to comply with NSEERS is evident or may be otherwise disregarded.  Non-immigrants can also be refused entry if NSEERS was not properly complied with.

While the NSEERS program is still active, on December 2, 2003, an interim rule published in the Federal Register became effective that substantially modified 8 CFR 264.1(f), the section that authorizes Special Registration (NSEERS).  The rule suspended the automatic 30-day and annual re-registration requirements and provided DHS with greater flexibility for notifying aliens of future registration requirements.  DHS retains the authority to call in an NSEERS registered alien for a compliance interview. 

*Additional information on NSEERS is available at:

What is Special Registration (NSEERS)



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