N Visa Overview

NATO Visa Overview

Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), certain representatives and staff from member countries can enter the U.S. with temporary visas.  Under the treaty, these visa holders are not subject to normal immigration inspections and documentary requirements.  Instead, consular officials decide whether they are admitted.  Admission is for as long as the Secretary of State recognizes their status. Employment authorization is obtained through the State Department.

An alien shall be classified under the symbol NATO-1, NATO-2, NATO-3, NATO-4, or NATO-5 if he or she is seeking admission to the United States under the applicable provision of the Agreement on the Status of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, National Representatives and International Staff, or is a member of the immediate family of an alien classified NATO-1 through NATO-5.

However, many armed forces personnel are exempt from passport and visa requirements if they are either attached to NATO Allied Headquarters in the United States and are traveling on official business, or are entering the United States under NATO Status of Forces Agreement.  In the case of the latter, they must carry official military ID cards and NATO travel orders.  Personnel of foreign armed services from other than NATO countries coming to the United States in connection with their military status for education or training at any of the U.S. military schools qualify for A-2 visas.

Here are the different types of NATO Visas that can be issued:

   1. NATO-1Representative of NATO and their immediate relatives.
   2. NATO-2Representative of NATO and their immediate relatives other than NATO-1.
   3. NATO-3 Employees of NATO and their immediate relatives.
   4. NATO-4 Other employees of NATO and their immediate relatives.
   5. NATO-5 Engineers of NATO and their responsible families.
   6. NATO-6 Millitary workers of NATO and their responsible families.
   7. NATO-7 Maids of NATO-1 through NATO-6 and their immediate relatives.
   8. N-8 When G-4 employees under 21 get immigrant status, their parents become eligible.
   9. N-9 When G-4 employees get immigrant status, their brothers and sisters and children under 21 become eligible.


Nonimmigrant Visas

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