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Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 23:59

Legal options and factors for a future stay in the USA; not selected in H-1B lottery, Master's Degree, and passport renewal


Currently, I am holding a STEM OPT from May 2022 until May 2024 (2 years).

My employer had applied for H1B this year and last year but had no luck.

Question and suggestion, please:

1) What are my legal options?

1.1 Apply for H1b next year in March and wait for the result, In case H1b is picked, how do I process it as my STEM opt expires in May 2024?

2) Enroll in university for the Master's degree?

2.1 I have a few classes remaining for my master's as I have finished my bachelor's degree in the USA and I take Day One CPT? Once a master's degree is complete, reapply for OPT and STEM OPT.

2.2 Should I continue to apply for H1B in the meantime?

3) If I apply for Master and Day One CPT, do I need to enroll for May–August 2024 (the summer class) or can I enroll for Fall 2024?

Note: STEM OPT Expires: May 15, 2024, or please suggest any other better option to stay in the USA.

Lastly, my passport expires in May 2024 as well. Is there any problem there?

- I'm thinking of starting the process for the renewal online. Should I do it now or wait for some time?



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Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 14:32

G-4 to H1B


1. I'm on a G4 and have an offer to move to a US based company in a management role. They have offered to file for an H1B in the next few days on premium processing. Although premimum processing requires 15 days or so for an approval, the visa stamping does not happen until October 2010. That's too long to wait to move. What are my options to transition more smoothly from G4 to H1B?

2. Can they apply for a GC after I have an H1B approval?


If you are subject to the quota, I cannot think of how you can start earlier than 1st October, unless you have unique skills or circumstances. Once on H-1, you are like anyone else. Your green card can be filed because you would already have waived your privileges and immunities.