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Monday, February 6, 2023 - 01:11

Qualifying for EB-1C green card by working abroad for a year || Expected processing times for EB-1C for an L-1A visa holder from India


Working in the US on H1B, approved I-140 7 Years back in EB2. Now, there is an opportunity in my current company to manage 1 or 2 employees outside the US. And the same in the US. If the EB2 India dates don't have a good future after this year, I am thinking of going out of US work in managing capacity and coming back on L1A and trying EB1C.

1: With just 1 or 2 employees (senior resources e.g. VPs or AVPs in the financial domain ) reporting to me, how are the chances to get EB1C approved?
2: In your opinion, do you see EB2 India touching 2015 anytime this year, considering they have some spill over from last year? Or you suggest a plan for EB1C if the situation exists?



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