Working for two employers on W-2s using the GC-EAD

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1. I applied for I-485 and it is pending. I received my GC-EAD in Aug. 2021 and started using it for my work. I am currently working for two employers on W-2s using the GC-EAD (GC employer and a new employer). Will USCIS question why I am working with 2 employers on W-2s?  Will it impact the pending I-485?

2.Instead of two W-2s can I convert the second W-2 to a 1099 ?

3.During the GC interview or in the RFE Letter, if they ask to provide a W-2 , can I produce only the primary employer W-2?

4.If the interviewer asks how come you have two W-2s how to answer the question in a more convincing way ?


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1. You can have multiple jobs while you are on EAD as long as your intention towards one remains clear. Once the 180 days have passed you can even change jobs or have multiple jobs and also potentially work for yourself.

2. Absolutely. 

3. I would suggest you produce both W-2s. 

4. At any time when you go for an I-485 interview you are put under penalty of perjury and hence you must tell the truth.


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