H-1 related I-94 issue

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I have read some very nice articles on your Forum and wanted to get your help on My Weird Issue with I94.

I am on H1-B Visa and my Approval (I797) is Valid Till October-2010 However My Indian Passport is Expiring on 26'th-Aug-2009. I just came back from India a week back and Immigration Officer has Issued me I94 Till my Passport Expiry.. Is thr any other way for me to Apply for I94 Extension based on Approval validity without Leaving the Country ??? or i have to leave the Country & Come back ???
Same Applied to my Wife as well Since we traveled together and went for Immigration together immigration officer Issued Her also I94 Till My Passport Expiry Date ...


Whenever CBP gives you an I-94 with mistakes on it, they can easily correct it if you just go back to the airport and request a correction. Most airports have CBP office hours. In my view, they should issue an I-94 co-extensive with your approval, not your passport. So, go back to CBP. Post your experience here for all.

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