Filing Supplement J, staying without work on EAD, H-1B denial effect on I-485

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I am currently on H1-B visa (valid until Dec 2021) and my Priority date is May 15, 2010, in EB2. I am working for employer A and I have recently applied for I-485/AOS in Oct 2020. Both EAD/AP are not approved yet and haven't received biometrics notice yet from USCIS. Kindly see below questions and advise.<br>

1) If I change to employer B after 180 days of filing I-485, how would USCIS know that I changed my employer if I do not file new I-485 J that's given by employer B?
2 After getting EAD, can I stay without working for a few months? Is there a regulation that says that employment based I-485 applicant needs to work continuously after obtaining EAD?
3) I am working for a consultancy company and recently changed my client who is not within 50-mile radius of the existing MSA. My current employer A is not planning to file H1-B amendment. In this case, if there is a site visit by USCIS officer and if they revoke H1-B, then am I still considered to be in legal status because I already applied for I-485 in Oct 2020? Am I safe to stay legally in USA in this scenario even though I did not receive EAD based on AOS?
4) If H1B amendment/extension of an employee gets denied after filing AOS/I-485, is the employee still considered as in-status because of pending I-485?


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Filing Supplement J, staying without work on EAD, H-1B denial effect on I-485

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1. Usually if you do an H-1B transfer or if the I-140 is revoked that becomes their source of knowledge.

2. Absolutely, the regulations only require that when asked, you should be able to produce an offer of employment for the same or similar job and file Supplement J. This is only when asked.

3. If you have a I-485 pending you are always allowed to stay in the United States, but make sure that you have an EAD.

4. Normally an H-1B denial has no effect on the Adjustment of Status I-485. FAQ in detail...

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