TN Applying for Green Card

My wife is on TN (expiry date : Oct/2019) and my two kids are on her TN as TD visa holders (expiry date : Oct/2019). I am on TN Visa (expiry date : Apr/2019) and my perm just got approved and am in the process of simultaneously activating my earlier inactivated H1B visa and filing the I-140 with the hope after few months down I will be with an approved I-140 and H1B. My wife wants to stay on TN (kids on TD) as long as possible because the employer doesn't want to sponsor H1B and moving to H4 EAD doesn't look like a smart option now due to uncertainty surrounding H4-EAD's.

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Typically what happens is TN does not allow you to have the intention to file a green card, so if you are a TN visa holder or a TD visa holder and a green card is applied for you, you can have trouble reentering the USA after the application or applying for extensions of TN within the USA. More...

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