Period of Maximum Stay Allowed for Tourist Visa Entrants

I am a US citizen. My parents (father 72 y and mother 65y) have a valid multiple entry visit visa to USA issued in 2012 and valid till 2022. They used to make short visits to USA every year till 2016 with duration of stay averaging around 55 days each year. After my father’s retirement in April 2017 they have settled down in India. During their visit in June 2017 they stayed here for just under 6 months (174 days). They visited this year as well for about 173 days, arriving in SFO in June 2018. Upon their arrival at SFO, the CBP officer cautioned that the 6 month stay is not acceptable each time they visit, perhaps they will be given only 1 month stay during their next visit and that they should apply for green card if they wish to stay longer. Based on your expertise, we would appreciate if you could let us know whether there is a possibility that the CBP officer would have placed an adverse remark/ comment on their system and would enforce a short stay of 1-2 months during their next visit (tentatively in June 2019). Being aged, they are more comfortable with making 6 months visits on multiple entry visa rather than staying for longer periods in USA to keep Green Card valid.

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Period of maximum stay allowed for tourist visa entrants

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Preventative would be to stay less than six months each time you come or if you have stayed six months in a year then don't come back the following year. Wait another 12 months before you come back in. That would be prudent. More...


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