Impact on Current H-1B if Another H-1B is Denied

I am already on a cap-exempt H1b working for a non-profit full time. Another employer filed my H1b petition on the cap-subject quota on april 2018 and got an RFE april 2019 and was denied with a reason for maintaining of status. They asked my paystubs from my current employer. My questions are:
1. will there be any impact to my current H-1B?
2. If they only ask for paystubs, can I submit them and initiate motion to reopen the case? what are the possibilities of success.

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Impact on current H-1B if another H-1B is denied

Video Transcript

1. No, not if you are maintaining status. 

2. If the case was denied just for maintenance of status and you have the pay stubs that are required then there is a very high likelihood the case will be reopened. If the petition is denied, then you are still subject to the H-1B quota. More...


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