Erroneously Given Longer Duration On H-1B Than Eligible

I'm completing 6 years on H1B on 14-Jan-2018 and I have a visa stamped with the same date from my previous employer on my passport. When I changed job on 24-Jan-2017 I received an approved I-797 with an expiry date of 14-Mar-2019. I'm not sure if there was an error from the employer or attorney while filing or while approving the application. Now I have an approved I-797 with an additional year which would mean 7 years on H1B at a stretch. I'm planning to visit India with my wife (on H4 visa) next month for a couple of weeks and return back before the visa expires on my passport. Also, I'm thinking of not getting the new visa stamped on my passport and just show the approved I-797 to the officer while entering the US. Do you see any problem or issues if I do this?

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You are not allowed to take advantage of USCIS errors. More...



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