AC21 Supplement J and Salary Increase: Potential Issues with Job Porting and leaving the employer after green card

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Q1. My AOS is pending 180+ days, so which is less risky or will not cause problems when it comes to naturalization: (i) filing AC 21 and going with a new employer right after 180 days are complete, or (ii) leaving the current employer right after getting the green card?

Q2. Salary increase when filing ac21/485 j supplement: if I am filing an ac21 and the next job offers me a significant increase (2x) and 50% up from my current job, is it going to be an issue while filing a j supplement and porting a job?

Q3. What should I consider and keep in mind when changing from employer A to employer B when filing a J supplement (ac 21)?

Q4. Also, is it advisable and recommended that we stay with our employer for six months upon getting a green card? Or does it matter, and we can move as soon as we get the green card? Or should we stick with our employer for at least 3 months?

Q5. Suppose I am filing a J supplement (ac21) vs. moving right after from the employer from whom I just got the green card. Are both things considered the same, i.e., filing a J supplement and leaving the green card regarding consequences or future issues regarding citizenship/renewal? Or is one thing less risky compared to the second thing?


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In most cases, filing Supplement J before moving is preferable. It's a more transparent approach, indicating your intention to change jobs before your green card approval. Moving right after obtaining the green card may require explanations and potentially dishonest justifications for your decision to leave. Therefore, Supplement J is generally considered a better option.