What to do When the 240 Days H-1B Work Authorization is Expiring?

My H1 Extension is in progress since Apr 2018. My 240 day work authorization period is expiring on Jan 15th. My employer will put me on Loss of Pay after that. My questions are :
1). If I plan to wait for a decision on H1 extension, will I go out of status after Jan 15th and be staying illegally ?
2). I have approved I140. Can I go back to India and apply H1 extension from there (in case this extn gets rejected), will this be considered cap exempt ?

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What to do when the 240 days H-1B work authorization is expiring?

Video Transcript

1. You can stay in the United States. You just cannot work. So while your timely H-1B extension is pending you are not illegal, even after 240 days. The only thing is you will not have work authorization. You can also ask for an expedite at that point of time. It is worth trying. Even if the premium processing is not available expedited processing is still available.

2. You don't have to re apply for the extension. The pending case would work. The only thing is since you left while the case was pending you would require to get a visa stamping and come back again. More...


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