FAQ: H-1B visa and entrepreneurship: Launching a business with US citizen brother, Shareholding, Green card

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I am currently on an H-1B visa. I am planning to start a business with my brother who is a US citizen and needs some guidance.

1) Until the business is operational and generating revenue, can I just be a partner in the company without doing any work visa application with it?

2) Can I have more than a 50% share in that company? If so, would that impact anyhow my H-1B with the current company?

3) In the future, if I want to file for concurrent or full-time H-1b through the new company, is it difficult to get it approved if my brother and I are the partners of the company?

4) Once I am on an H-1B visa in this new company, can the company file for my green card in the EB-1 or EB-2 category?

5) Does the company need to meet any specific conditions before sponsoring for H-1B and Employee-Based Green Card such as being E-Verified or having at least few citizens before hiring non-citizens?

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Owning more than 50% of a company makes obtaining an H-1B visa difficult under current regulations. This is because the H-1B is for employees receiving a base salary, and owning a majority share raises doubts about a genuine employer-employee relationship. While regulations easing this restriction are pending, they haven't been finalized yet.

However, if you're a minority partner with your brother holding the majority and the job aligns with your field, securing an H-1B (concurrent or full-time) may be possible. Unfortunately, getting a green card through this company wouldn't be feasible due to your ownership. Consider exploring the EB-1A green card category, which recognizes individuals with exceptional ability in their field and doesn't require employer sponsorship.