How to get H-1B approved for three years, not shorter duration

1. I got my H1b approved for a period of one year only and expires on Oct 27th, 2019. I work through a consultancy. Any precautions I can take in the future which can help me getting the H1b approved for 3 years in the upcoming H1B extension after Oct 27th, 2019.
2. Any particular documents needed for getting the H1b approved for 3 years?
3. If I go for stamping, do I need to be careful with social media at the port of entry? Any tips or recommendations you can give with reference to social media during port of entry?
4. My EB2 priority date is Feb 4th, 2015 and I'm planning to marry a girl who is a Nepal citizen and she's on OPT right now. Can I move my priority date to EB2 Nepal category after marriage? If yes, what would be my next steps - how soon can I file for I-485 interview?

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How to get H-1B approved for three years, not shorter duration

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1. Typically the only way you can get three year extension is if you can prove that the project will go on for three years. 

2. Typically a client letter.

3. Make sure your social media is not in any way in contravention or opposition to what you have been saying to the government.

4. Once you get married you are entitled to cross chargeability and you can be charged under Nepals category which is available right now. As soon as you get married you should have your lawyers write to the government and ask for cross chargeability. Probably within a few months you could be scheduled for an interview, which again depends upon how busy the local office is. More...


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