H-1B visa holders during COVID

1. Is H-1B visa holder eligible for unemployment only if laid off or even furloughed? if yes, how do we know that we are eligible? 2. Where can I check my i-94 expiration date? 3. If I now have to change from H1 to B2 due to furlough, and if I have to return back to work later with the same employer, should i have to go out of the country to change back to H1? 4. What are the effects to my H1b if I have to chose using PTO or unpaid leave or combination of both, or if I have to work just 20hrs/week? 5. If I have to apply for a H4 and an EAD, do both of them get approved at the same time? I am asking this because I wanted to know if there could be a gap in my employment after I switch from H1 to H4 waiting for EAD.

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1. You can definitely take the state unemployment insurance if the state law allows. 

2. I-94 expiration date is in one of the two places. If your most recent I-94 was issued upon international travel you can go online and print out a copy but if your most recent I-94 was issued within USA as a change of status  you will need to get a copy of the approval notice at the bottom of which the I-94 is attached. Your lawyer should cut it out and give it to you. They are required by law to give it to you.

3. You cannot do that.

4. Reducing the number of hours is less objectionable. 

5. They are taking a long time and they don't necessarily have to get approved the same time. Yes, there is likely to be a gap. FAQ in detail...

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