180 Rule for Priority Dates/H-1B Extension

I have quick question about the mystery behind 180 days staying with the Employer with whom my I-140 is approved. So my I-140 is been approved with priority date as Dec 2014 and the Notice date is Nov 2017. Do I have to wait for 180 days/ 6 Months from the Notice date of Nov 2017 so I will not loose the Priority date when I move with new employer?

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Beginning January 17th  forward, some of that goes backward too, as soon as your I-140 is approved the priority date is yours even if the employer revokes the I-140 the second day or the same day so the priority date becomes yours the moment the I-140 is approved. If the I-140 gets approved and stays approved for 180 days and the employer then sends a letter to revoke the I-140 on the 181st day not only do you keep your priority date, you also maintain the right to keep extending your H-1 and I believe your wife's H-4 EAD as well even if the old employer revokes your I-140. The 180 days is the time for which the I-140 should stay unrevoked. More...


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