Can An Employee Withdraw An H-1B Petition?

I'm working on H-4 EAD with company A. Company B filed for H-1B for this year and it was picked in lottery but no decision made yet, now I don't want H-1B and asked company B to withdraw the H-1B and he agreed to it and shared the H-1B withdrawal letter along with the I-129C notice. Just to make sure that the petition is withdrawn without any issues, can I also post the same letter again to USCIS with company's from address on it?

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You should send a letter to the government in writing, certainly, even get it maybe notarized to assure the government that these are your signatures and say that you no longer wish to apply for a change of status and you are not going to take up that job. So you hereby withdraw from the change of status request under the H-1B. After you send a notarized letter give them a call as well and just tell them you have written and this is what you want to be noted and that you are not going to go through the change of status. There is no actual procedure for it, but this can be as secure as you can be to ensure that the government will not give you a change of status even though you don't want one. More...


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