If H-1 transfer is denied, can I rejoin my old employer?

I received my 3-year extension post 6 years based on approved I-140 (sponsored by employer A). I am in the 7th year of H1B and have a valid visa until 2019. I have an offer from employer B. I am told by employer B that they are going to do H1B portability and extension using my approved I-140 from my previous employer. Since the premium processing of H1B is going to be suspended starting April 3rd, my new employer B wants me to join them based on the receipt notice of the H1B transfer. I am also told that the risk I have in case of denial is I would have to leave the US and re-apply for an H1B petition from my home country. From my understanding, one can always go back to their previous employer in case of rejection of H1 transfer?

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According, to USCIS, when you are working under AC21 you are not out of status, you are in fact working according to the law and hence you should be able to join back. More...


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