STEM extension application is pending with USCIS due to a USCIS error in failing to withdraw H-1

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I am in the initial OPT which expires on November 30th, 2021. My STEM Extension has been denied based on approved H1-b which is pending withdrawal at the Texas Service Center for the last 6 months. My current employer’s attorney raised the Ombudsman request a week ago and I’ve taken Ohio senator's help to submit inquiry two weeks ago but no response so far from the USCIS and also from online forums it seems it’ll take 30 days to get a response at least but I’m running out of my time. My employer is reapplying for my STEM OPT in two weeks again.  Do I need to take any other steps to get this issue resolved?

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 Firstly, talk with your DSO. Second thing is to talk to your congressman's office. Even though they are effective in my opinion they can take time. These are the only two steps that I can recommend in addition to what you have done.


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