Changing Employer After Receiving Employment Based Green Card

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Couple of months back I received Employment Based Green Card (H1b to GC) and my dependents received Green Card too (H4 to GC). I had the intention to work for the Employer who sponsored me for the Green Card forever during applying for the Green Card and during the Green Card Interview too. However after working for couple of months for the employer now I am feeling that I should be changing the Employer to a different one near to my home due to the following compelling reasons: I am a Heart Patient and facing Health Issues due to the Travel (4 hours flight travel) that I am making every week to work in the Employer's Client Location for work.
And if I continue to perform my job this way I will affect my health. All the efforts I made to request a work near home did not materialize.
I am planning to search for a new job near my home and if I get it I am planning to put in a Resignation to the present Employer stating the facts about my Health Problems and join the new one.
My Question:
1. Will I face any issues now or in near future during I submit my Citizenship Application due to my employer change just after 2 months of getting the Green Card? If so what are the steps I should take to avoid it?
2. I am planning to save my Payslips / W2 of the Present Green Card Employer and my Heart Health records. Is there a Minimum duration that USCIS expects a Green Card Holder to work for the Green Card Employer?

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1. No. 

2. Duration is not reliable.


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