Work authorization, visa stamping, and optimal strategy for a laid-off H-1B professional

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  1. I was on an H-1B visa and got laid off. I then switched to a B2 visa to extend my stay in the US after the 60-day grace period. My B2 visa is about to expire. I can request an extension of the B2 visa, but I want to enroll in a master's or a PhD program. Once I switch to an F1 visa, will I be allowed to work on H-1B (or any other visa) if I get a full-time job during my course period? If I am allowed to work, can I also continue my course?
  1. When the F1 is approved, will I have to leave the US to get my visa stamped and re-enter (as I am currently on a B2 visa)?
  1. What would your suggestion be considering the different visa options I have? Should I extend my B2 visa or switch to an F1 visa?
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    1. Absolutely, you can convert back to H-1B, and you can continue your course.
    2. No.
    3. If you think you can find a job in the next six months, stay on the B-1/B-2. But if you think that's dicey or unknown, I would rather have you spend your time studying, getting more education, and, if possible, getting curricular practical training.

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