Visa Bulletin Final Action Dates and Date for Filing

The visa bulletin refers to two tables, dates for filing applications and final action dates. The latest Bulletin, June 2017, for category F2A, has 15AUG15 specified for final action dates and 08APR16 for dates for filing applications.Assuming that the dates move at the same pace, we might see the dates for filing applications move to 08JUN16 in a couple of months from now. If this happens, will my husband be eligible to apply for the next step (consular processing) or have to wait for the final action dates to become current? When will he be eligible to take action on the next step?

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Visa Bulletin is an estimate. It is not mathematically accurate. It is an estimate based upon certain rules, statistical as well as legal which is an estimation by the State Department of what visa numbers they will be taking in the following month. In other words, it is the projection of the availability of visas in the month following the announcement of the visa bulletin. Let's say if your date is currently according to the visa bulletin which means either from your date forward or before your date, priority date cases are going to be dealt with in the following month you can then if you are in the USA in legal status apply for Adjustment of Status. If you are in the USA you need to look at the USCIS website and see what the final action date is according to them. Sometimes they might allow you to file as earlier than suggested by the visa bulletin. More...

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