Travel while H-4 EAD is pending

Can my wife travel to India and then back to the USA for a period of 12 days while her H4 EAD application is pending? Based on current estimates of processing times we do not estimate that her H4 EAD will come before the first week of July. We will be back to the USA in the first week of May.

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If somebody has applied from H-1 to H-4 or F-1 to H-4 and applied for EAD at the same time they should not travel until the F-1 or H-1 to H-4 status is approved because if you do then you have to go apply for a visa come back and then apply for EAD all over again. On the other hand, if your H-1 is approved or you already have it and EAD is pending you are allowed to travel. The government discourages it as it can cause delays in EAD processing but it is not illegal. More...


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