Travel While Change of Status Request is Pending - H-1B Related

I was planning on going to India for vacation (after I graduate, before I start work) and I had some questions about whether that would be alright from an immigration stand point. My lawyers are filing my H1B visa application this April; would there be any potential issues with the application if I was to leave the US in May/June?

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There are multiple issues involved in traveling.

First, if someone travels while a change of status request is pending, they will have to obtain a visa stamping or reapply for an H-1B for change of status to activate the H-1B on or after October 1.

Second, getting visa stamping is by itself a highly uncertain process that could take from days to months. The consulates reopen and dissect the entire H-1B case from the ground up and try to find any reason they can to deny the case.

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