Status of H-4 EAD Litigation/Suit

My question is about the latest news regarding H4-EAD. I understand that DHS has asked for abeyance until 30 Dec, 2017. USCIS and DHS is evaluating the H4- EAD rule in accordance with the Presidential "Buy American, Hire American" policy. DHS will refocus its review of the H4 rule to ensure that it meets the newly announced priorities and to decide whether to undertake a new rule making concerning the H4 rule and comply with the Presidents Order.
Please find this note requesting you to explain in layman terms what this could mean for the H4-EAD holders.

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Video Transcript:

Right now, according to the government, this lawsuit pertains to regulations that may not be relevant because the government may decide to overrule these regulations with some new regulations.

What would the new regulations state we don't know yet as the possibilities are several. The government could end up modifying the rule, narrowing it or could end up totally rescinding that rule and of course if you have to rescind a regulation I don't know of doing it other than going through the rulemaking process again.

So that would probably take a few months and my guess would be in order to keep the exit from the regulations if there is indeed an exit orderly the government will probably provide some months grace period for closure on the H-4 EAD's. So right now that's what we know. More...


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