Starting Business While on Student Visa

I am from India, and I am currently doing my masters in the U.S. My goal is to build my startup as I m doing my masters. Therefore, before coming to the U.S, I have incorporated a C Corp in Delaware with me and my brother as the owners. I don't want to violate my F1 status, therefore, even though I have incorporated the C Corp, We are not actively doing any work since I am not sure working on my startup in University will violate my status. I have tried getting in touch with International student services but I have not gotten a clear response on how I can run my startup as an international student while being on F1.

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Doing a business while you are still on a F-1 status is illegal unless you get OPT. If you get OPT, the government has set a time or two as long as you are working in your own field. So if you are a software developer or you have a degree in computer science and you start a company where your primary role is software development or something akin to it you are allowed to do that as long as you have your OPT. You cannot do that in STEM OPT extension, but you can do it for the one - year OPT.  More...



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