Revoke H-4 EAD Regulation

If Trump administration tries to revoke H-4 EAD through rulemaking /congressional Act, is there some way for the H-4 community to fight for it in the court to retain the H-4 EAD? What are the least possible ways to fight for it?

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Video Transcript:

The reason H-4 EAD regulations have come under a cloud is because there is a lawsuit pending. This all started about two years ago when an organization called Save Jobs USA sued USCIS for the regulations that created H-4 EAD and the basis was that these regulations were beyond the authority of the USCIS and they were hurting US workers. 

The major issue right now is, does Save Jobs USA have the right to file this lawsuit. If they win then this case goes back to the District Court. H-4 EAD regulations should not go away very quickly. One of the dangerous thing is that Save Jobs USA as a part of their appeal has asked the court to not only rule that they have standing to sue but also to rule that the Department of Homeland Security does not have the power to issue these regulations. I don't think the court of appeals is going to entertain that.

Rajiv in this video explains, discusses and answers questions on this issue.

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