Regarding Impact On H-4 EAD During Job Change

1. If I have my I-140 Approved and its been more than 180 Days after approval then I believe that even if I change the employer the I-140 does not gets revoked and it still stays valid. I can continue to extend my H1B with my old I-140. Is my understanding correct?
2. If suppose I have applied for my H4 dependents EAD while I am in my first company and both of us are working. Now it's been 180 days after my I-140 got approved and I switch my employer. In this case does my dependents EAD get's affected in any way?
3. Now assuming that answer to the first question is Yes, but I believe that in order to apply for GC my new employer has to file my PERM and I-140 again. If that happens will my dependents EAD gets affected in any way until the new I-140 gets approved?

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1. The essence of your understanding is correct. You are safe against revocation.
2. No effect on H-4 EAD of H-1 change of jobs, as long as the H-1 holder maintains status.
3. Again, no effect on H-4 EAD if your new green card is filed.

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