Effect of Revocation of PERM on an Already Approved H-1 Extension

On 10-Mar-2017 I completed my 5th year on H-1B visa. I changed my job and joined my current employer on 01-Feb-2017 (after receiving the H-1B receipt number) while my H1B petition was being processed at USCIS.In the meantime, my employer filed my GC PERM application on 01-Mar-2017 while my H1B was still in process at USCIS.I got a RFE on my H1B application and while responding to the RFE my employer requested for 2 years of H-1B visa instead of 1 year i.e. 1 year for the 6th year on H1B and another year extension as my PERM application was filed and pending.

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Once they give you an H-1 extension, if later on the PERM is revoked, which was the basis for the extension they will not take away your H-1 extension. So, supposing the date I filed my H-1 and the date my application was decided, my PERM was the basis for my H-1 extension, once the extension is given the PERM goes away and I should be able to keep my H-1. More...


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