Duplicate PERM Certifications

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Several people have reported receiving two certifications of the same PERM application, with different validity dates. In most (but not all) of these cases, when the case was first approved, no hard copy ETA 9089 was received by the attorney in the mail. When the case was “recertified,” a hard copy 9089 was generated. Has DOL identified what caused these duplicate approvals? Has DOL also communicated this problem to USCIS, as this could impact processing of an I-140 petition that was filed with a request that USCIS contact DOL to obtain a “duplicate” certification?


DOL indicates that there has been at least one case where the I-140 was approved by USCIS despite issuance of a “duplicate” certification with different dates. In that case, the DOL and USCIS were advised of the duplicate certification issue prior to the I-140 being approved.


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