Is New H-1B Visa Stamping Needed if you Change Employers?

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I have a question on H1B stamping. I am currently working with employer A. I have visa stamping till Nov 2018 and it shows the name of my previous employer, employer B. I am planning to visit India in the coming month of November 2017. Should I go to visa stamping and get a new visa showing a new employer, employer A? In the past, I have encountered a similar situation and I came back successfully with out getting a new stamp. I am not aware of current immigration law. Have there been any changes in this aspect?


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I don't think you need to. Once again, I caution you that if you ask the consulate they might give you a different answer, but in the Foreign Affairs Manual in their standard operating procedures, I remember seeing there was no such requirement so you could travel on the old visa and the new approval. More...


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