Husband not giving my H4 documents

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Hello, I am on h4 visa with approved ead. My husband has a valid h1b and an approved I-140. The situation is my husband doesn't give my H4 documents like ead and approval notice which are required by my employer and university for establishing my valid presence in US. Is there any way I can ask any authoritative body here in US to help me in getting me access to my own documents? I know my husband will be the primary applicant on h4 visa given I am dependent on his h1b visa. But does that give my husband a legal right to withhold my own documents without my permission or approval? I have a 2year old kid and because of his inability to support us I have to study and get a job and his actions are preventing me from doing so.


I think you can try two things. First, ask the USCIS for a copy of all your immigration papers. Go here:… Second, speak with local lawyers where your husband resides. It may be possible to get the police involved to recover your immigration documents. Those should be considered your personal property.

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