H-4 visa extension approved. Can I travel now?

My H-4 visa extension has been approved, I mean the USCIS has sent me an approval notice with the I-94 record card. Now it clearly says, this is not a visa. What do I need to do in order to travel to India, do I have to go to a US consulate here, to get a visa stamped in my passport, because in order to travel through Europe we need a valid US Visa or travel through Dubai , which doesn't require any visa, and then get stamped in the US consulate while coming back? I am confused and do not know what is the next step after approval notice. By the way my spouse H-1B visa was also extended while in US by the Employer. But, my spouse hasn't gone out for visa stamping yet, will this effect my visa stamping?

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When you travel abroad, in order to return to the USA, you must first obtain a visa stamp from a US consulate in (any) country that you are visiting. Check the consulate web site to make an appointment and what documents you should bring for H-4 visa stamping. H-1B visa stamp is usually not a precondition to H-4 visa. 

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