H-4 EAD Termination and Converting to H-1B

I was on H1 before completed all 6 years on it and converted to H4 and working on H4 EAD now. With latest court update, USCIS may decide to end H4 EAD program or stop new applications in next few months( we still do not know the final outcome). My EAD expires in November 2018 which leaves me no option of applying renewal before May 2018 ( 180 days clock). If this EAD goes away will I be able to file fresh H1 in April 2019 ? If in next couple of months, my spouse decides to switch Job based on his approved I-140 then my H4 will also need to transfer/extend. At the same time, will I able to extend my EAD at that time or I still have to wait to fall under 180 days expiry clock based on my current November 2018 EAD expiration date.

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If you have already completed six years you cannot go back to H-1 unless you leave the United States for at least one year or unless you start a green card. Then you would be able to apply for an H-1 extension based upon either the first year anniversary of the filing or I-140 approval, whichever comes first you have to fall under the 180 days. A mere change in jobs doesn't allow you to reset the period for yourself.  More...


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