H-4 EAD changing back to H-1

1. Had H-1B petition approved in 2015 through consular processing while residing outside the USA? But did not get stamped for H-1 but came to the USA on H4 visa. Currently working as an employee on H-4-EAD. Can I change my status to H-1B from H-4, If Yes - Will it be treated outside H-1B Cap?
2. Do I have to leave the country and get stamped and re-enter with H-1B status?
3. Will I get a new I-94 with latest 1 yr or 3 yrs approval?
4. How many days will the process take to change status?
5. Can I continue working while the COS is in progress or pending with USICS as I would like to continue working without a break? Also, do I have to go back to the same petitioner who applied for H-1B visa or can I transfer it to a different employer?

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1. That's uncertain. If you are outside the USA and you got your H-1B but you didn't get it stamped, will consider you still subject to the quota. I personally think if they say you can't get an exemption from the quota and you got to get a visa stamping there is really no support in law for that viewpoint. So you can try that's all I can tell you.

2. You don't have to leave USA to get H-1B status if you are maintaining H-4 status.

3. If you got three years remaining on your H-1 or more you will get a three-year H-1 and if the project is for 3 years.

4. Many months.

5. If your EAD is valid until your H-4 is changed to H-1 you can continue working. Once you are exempt from the quota you don't have to go back to the same employer. More...


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