H-1B title "Programmers" and USCIS site visits

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Video Transcript

1. Sure, if your job is indeed something other than a programmer. The problem is in the IT industry titles are very misleading you could have somebody called a programmer but they are doing software architecture. The job description is the most important thing. Titles matter only as pointers. Titles are not definitive.

2. Regarding site visits, they are going to target consulting companies and companies who are basically off-sitting their employees for site visits more than they would normally. Make sure you are working where you are supposed to be working, you are doing the job you are supposed to be doing at the level you are supposed to be doing. The job description should be the same as what you are actually doing and it should reflect the level of your seniority.

3. When you have a case pending it is OK to stay, it is called Authorized Period of Stay, but you don't have full status if your old I-94 is expired. More...


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