H-1B approved, must I continue my CPT degree or may I drop?

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Hello Sir, I was on CPT for a year and a half before my H1b visa was approved last year. After that, I took a break from my studies. Now, I want to visit India, do I need to resume my degree? I'm planning to drop it as it is too expensive. Will there be any issue in stamping as it would be my first H1b stamp. Thanks


From a purely legal perspective, there is no law that requires you to continue with your degree if you have received your H1B approval. However, I am concerned about appearances also. Ideally, people should take up a new educational program only if they are serious about it and that program furthers their career. If you quit, you should have a good, truthful explanation for why you started that degree and why you quit. You may never be called upon to explain yourself, but the USCIS and the consulates could potentially ask about any relevant matter when you appear for an interview.

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