H-1B approved after the lottery, can we change employers? Multiple employers in H-1B lotteries

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Question 1: Can my H-1B be approved after the lottery, and can I change employers?

Question 2: Do I need pay stubs for an H-1B transfer?

Question 3: Can I have multiple H-1B employers?


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Answer 1 : While there's no official answer, in our experience, you can transfer your H-1B even before October 1st when it's approved in August. No need for pay stubs from the previous employer, based on our experience.

Answer 2: If you never joined the employer, you won't have pay stubs, which is acceptable. Even if you join and leave the employer on October 1st without a paycheck, that's fine too.

Answer 3: Multiple employers are generally allowed unless they're connected or conspiring to manipulate the lottery, which is not allowed.