H-1 entering USA when visa is about to expire

My amendment has been filed by my company in Aug15 but not approved yet. Now I want to travel to India in month of April & get back in same month . after coming back H1B extension will be filed by company. My question is can they create any problem on my return since my visa is about to expire in June 2016 & amendment is not approved yet.

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Watch Video: H-1 entering USA when visa is about to expire

Video Transcript: You can enter the United States even if you have one day left on your visa. There could be questions as to how long you are going to stay, how are you going to stay, if the employer has already filed an extension and what is the process of filing the extension., and if these questions are answered brilliantly and completely you will not have a problem. Nevertheless you are allowed to enter the United States under the law even if you have one day remaining in the visa stamping.

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