Child Turning 21, Immigration Consequences for Pending Green Card Cases

I am on H-1 Visa and my son is on H-4 visa. He is 17 years(studying 11th grade). I wanted to know whether i need to change the visa status at the age of 21. If so, the green card processed by my employer for him will still be valid or not. Also, if he goes to India for studying his degree for like 4 or 5 years, will the green card processing for him will be valid.

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Normally the children of people undergoing the green card process, convert to student visa if they are in school. If he gets covered by the CSPA (Child Status Protection Act) even though he has a student visa it doesn't change his green card status through you and again if he goes to India for a degree for four to five years his green card processing will still stay valid. There might be some technical details you have to attend to but that is certainly possible as long as he's not got a problem with aging out as he is covered by CSPA.  More...

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Rajiv Khanna discusses the impact of the CSPA (Child Status Protection Act) on Employment based Green Card delays on children turning 21.


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