Renewing Expired GC and Citizenship for autistic/disabled persons

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One of our clients (I think I have worked with these folks for over a decade) had these questions:


Quote:  A member of our family was issued a Green Card in November 1980. The green card did not have any renewal date (see enclosed). I assume Green Cards at that time did not have a renewal date. Does this need to be renewed?

Ans: Replace the green card. See:

Quote: The child is an autistic and her parents have not applied for a US citizenship for her. Can she apply for citizenship? Passing a citizenship exam might be a challenge for her though.

Ans: The law on disability is:

Disability — If you have a physical or developmental disability or a mental impairment so severe that it prevents you from acquiring or demonstrating the required knowledge of English and civics, you may be eligible for an exception to these requirements. To request an exception, you must file a “Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions” (Form N-648). If you believe you qualify, contact a licensed medical or osteopathic doctor or licensed clinical psychologist who will need to complete and sign your Form N-648. To apply for a disability exception, your disability:
• Must be at least 1 year old (or be expected to last 1 year); and
• Must not have been caused by illegal drug use.
If you qualify for this exception, an interpreter, who is proficient in English and the language of your choice, must accompany you to the interview

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