Divorce while I-485 is pending: cross chargeability loss, section 498A criminal complaint

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I work on H1B. My I 485 and wife's I-485 was filed in April 2022;
My priority date is Apr 2014; Have lived and worked in USA since 2004=Student visa and H-1Bvisa;
Wife was born in Nepal. She has the receipt number of my I-485 and her I-485;
I believe due to India Priority date current, I am eligible for filing and getting my GC without using cross-chargeability. Is there any implication that I should be aware of?
We are divorcing due to a mismatch in expectations. Got married in 2018; She came to the USA in early 2022 – after 4 years of disagreements and delays to live in the marriage with me.
She may file cases against me in India – such as 498A and claim that I used her Nepal birth for my GC. This was a genuine arranged marriage that was started through communication between our families.
Can she harm my I-485 case by directly communicating to USCIS about her claims. What possible risks I should plan for.

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The way USCIS interprets legal separation or divorce as being the same status conceptually. While there is no direct law on your situation, since you do not need cross-chargeability, you should not have a problem. Regarding dowry complaints and charges like 498A, we have prevailed in several cases in both green card processes and naturalizations. As long as you can show that the charges are more likely than not untrue, you may be able to overcome the problem of criminal proceedings pending in India.

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