Consequences of and Logistical Problems in Dealing with Criminal Arrests or Convictions in Immigration Cases

My priority date is 2013. I had one misdemeanor case in 2015 and within 2 months of time, case was dismissed by judge and judge issued expunged order also same time. I have not disclosed this to my present company. Can I file 485 without involving my present company and company attorney ? if yes where I can find some more information ? Do I need to submit all the document to Immigration officer ? I have sentencing certified copy and expunging record, do I need to get ' An original official statement by the arresting agency' and 'complete arrest record' ? as case was expunged, so I may not able to get the this document.

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Consequences of and logistical problems in dealing with

criminal arrests or convictions in immigration cases

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What you should do is get yourself a private lawyer. Tell the employer, you prefer to have your own lawyer for the I-485 proceedings and the I-485 is your application, it isn't the application of the employer so you should be able to get your own lawyer and get the I-485 process done yourself. As for what documents to submit - normally we just submit a certified copy of the court proceeding or the final adjudication. That's all we need. Nevertheless, I don't want you to make any assumptions, talk to your lawyers. More...


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